Lost in a Forest
A Text Adventure

Click on the choice you want to continue the story. Good luck!

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Oh no, you're stuck in the middle of a forest! What to do?
Go north.
You go north. It leads into two different areas: a dark cave and a bridge above a lake. Now what?
Go in the cave.
You enter the cave. It sure is dark, and you don't have a flashlight. You unknowingly end up falling off a conveniently located ledge.

The end.
Go across the bridge.
You head to the bridge. Youch, there are alligators! Your feet are eaten, making you immobile, resulting in your entire body eventually devoured away.

The end.
Go west.
You go west. It leads to a small abandoned village. Interesting, isn't it?
Walk across the village.
As you traverse the village, you find a hidden chamber that heads downward. Any thoughts?
Head on in.
As you enter the chamber, the entrance immediately locks shut, leaving you no chance to escape. Then suddenly, some evil guy appears, captures you, and holds you hostage in a carbon monoxide chamber. At your first breath in the chamber, you instantly pass out and die.

The end.
Keep going.
You continue your journey, eventually making it to the end of the village. A fence to leave the village appears in front of you, which is locked. Now what?
Search the village for a key.
Your attempt to find a key is unsuccessful, and to make matters worse, you fall into a trapdoor during the search.

The end.
Climb the fence.
You successfully climb the fence. After all, the fence was quite low and didn't have any spikes or electrical wires. From there, you keep following the path. The more you travel, the more you see the sun. Eventually, you see civilization again. You have escaped the forest!

The end.
Search the village for treasure.
Where do you start searching?
The nearest cottage you see.
You head on inside, and begin searching. Unfortunately, a bunch of rattle snakes suddenly appear and bite you crazily. You find yourself doomed.

The end.
In a lush digging spot.
You grab the nearest shovel you see and start digging. Look, it's a small treasure chest! Your reaction?
Open it.
You open the chest, and there's a jewel inside! But little do you know that the jewel really is as sticky as hot glue, designed as a nasty trap. Yeowzers!

The end.
Discard it and keep digging.
You keep digging, only to eventually find yourself so low to the ground that you can't get back to the surface. You're doomed!

The end.
Go east.
You go east. There is another fork in the road. Which way should you go?
Go left.
You go left. You arrive at a wide open area with trees surrounding it. In other words, it's a dead end.
Traverse through the trees.
You enter unmarked territory. As you progress, you get tangled up from twigs and leaves, leaving you stuck and without a way to escape.

The end.
Carve a message with a giant stick at the dead end.
What message should you carve?
You successfully carve the message. At some point, someone with a helicopter arrives at dead end as a result of reading your message. They ask if you want a ride back to safety. You say yes. Then, the person takes you to the helicopter and flies you back to safety. You have successfully escaped the forest!

The end.
You successfully carve the message. At some point, someone with a helicopter arrives at dead end as a result of reading your message. They ask if you like pie. You say yes. Then, you get pied to the face, and before you can protest, you get kidnapped.

The end.
Go right.
You go right. It leads to a bridge above a ledge. As you cross the bridge, the bridge snaps. You fall from a massive height and die.

The end.
Hack and slash your way in between.
As dangerous as it sounds, you go for it anyway. You're doing fine, until you reach animal territory. Then something bad happens.

The end
Yell for help.
You yell for help. Nothing happens.
Continue yelling while waving and dancing rapidly.
As crazy as it sounds, you proceed with the action. Luckily, someone with a helicopter notices and rescues you! You may be out of the forest, but instead of at home, you're stuck in a mental institution.

The end.
Climb up the nearest tree and try again.
Exalted on the tree, you proudly stand up, raise your hands, and howl for help again. Unfortunately, that's when you begin to slip, and suddenly, you start to fall...

The end.
Whack yourself in agony.
Whack, whack, whack! Ouch, that must hurt!
Continue whacking yourself, this time with a stick.
The stick you find is a giant one. Whacka, whacka, whacka! Now the brain hurts.
Let's find some coconuts, shall we?
Yeah, this ain't looking good.

The end.
Suddenly collapse to the floor.
When you do that, you coincidentally pass out as well. Oh well.

The end.
Randomly eat the nearest object in front of you.
The nearest object is a poison berry bush. You can probably tell what happens next.

The end.